Source code - Eva Serena Pavan

Milan. The Computer Science Faculty.

Four friends with a shared passion for videogames and the dream to one day create and present their own game at the Independent Games Festival.

One of them, Fulvio, seems to be so close he can almost touch it. He has just begun an internship in a game developing company. Fulvio is good, he’s a perfectionist. But there are some obstacles in his path: exams to finish, rent to pay and a blossoming relationship to navigate. When realty doesn’t follow the rules of computer programs, it is tempting to shut himself away and invent a virtual one where exams are always passed…

In a precarious situation, the tension rises and a crash becomes ever more likely.

This is based on a true story, on the clash between desire and realty, on aspirations, on family expectations and it comes to a head in an unexpected, unpredictable finale. And just like all true stories, there is always a little still to be written.


Language: English

Pages: 320

Ebook and Paperback

Paperback: 13 euro
Pages: 320

Amazon: here

Ebook: 2,99 euro

Amazon: here




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